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Call for Participants

Cantabria, Spain


FOSTERAGE RURAL HERITAGE is a Youth Workers Mobility project aims to Promote rural heritage and activities between youth in Egypt, Spain and Romania to raise awareness among them about the importance of rural heritage in order to promote economic growth, social inclusion, cultural diversity.

The project consits of two modules:

1- Online Course (Two Months – 1st July to 1st September 2021)

2- Offline Study Visit ( 25-30 September 2021)

Get Experience

You can know people’s experience, how they got opportunities for volunteering and scholarships.

Get Involved

You can join forces with Jovesolides

team.Your contribution is essential

in building a more just reality.

You can do this in different ways.

Get Connected

Virtual exchange is a type of education program that uses technology to allow geographically-separated people to interact and communicate.